1.28ct Pink Diamond – Natural Loose Fancy Light Pink Brown GIA SI1 Pear Shape


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Product Description

Retail Price – $16500
Item Stock Number – P5473851
Certificate Number – GIA 5221986940
Shape – Pear
Carat Weight – 1.28ct
Color – Fancy Light Pink Brown
Clarity – SI1
Treatment – None
Cut Grade – EX
Polish – EX
Symmetry – EX


Introducing a truly exquisite piece of nature’s brilliance: The Pear-Shaped Fancy Light Pink Brown Diamond with a remarkable 1.28 carats of pure elegance. This captivating gemstone, with its unique and alluring color, is a testament to the artistry of the Earth itself.

Product Details:

Retail Price: $16,500 Item Stock Number: P54738569 Certificate Number: GIA 5221986940

Key Features:

Shape: Pear Carat Weight: 1.28 carats Color: Fancy Light Pink Brown Clarity: SI1 Treatment: None Cut Grade: Excellent Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent

Why Choose This Diamond:

  1. Distinctive Shape: The pear shape is renowned for its elegance and unique charm. This diamond’s graceful silhouette is perfect for those who appreciate the extraordinary.
  2. Rare Color: The Fancy Light Pink Brown color of this diamond is exceptionally rare and sought after by collectors and connoisseurs. It exudes warmth and sophistication, making it a true one-of-a-kind gem.
  3. Clarity: With a clarity grade of SI1, this diamond offers an impressive level of transparency and brilliance. Any imperfections are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye, ensuring a stunning appearance.
  4. Cut, Polish, and Symmetry: The Excellent ratings for cut, polish, and symmetry speak to the exceptional craftsmanship that went into shaping this diamond. These factors contribute significantly to its overall beauty and brilliance.
  5. GIA Certification: The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificate (GIA 5221986940) provides you with the assurance of the diamond’s authenticity, quality, and specifications. It is a testament to the diamond’s exceptional characteristics.
  6. No Treatment: This diamond is completely natural and untreated, allowing you to enjoy its pure beauty in its most authentic form.

Whether you’re looking for a striking centerpiece for an engagement ring, a unique pendant, or an investment piece, this Pear-Shaped Fancy Light Pink Brown Diamond is an opportunity to own a piece of nature’s artistry. Its rarity and beauty make it a timeless treasure that will be cherished for generations to come. Don’t miss the chance to make it yours today.

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1.28ct Pink Diamond – Natural Loose Fancy Light Pink Brown GIA SI1 Pear Shape

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