Natural Argyle Fancy to Intense Pink 1.30ct baguette Mix cut Diamonds Parcel


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Product Description

Retail Price – $25,000
Item Stock Number – 26347639472518
Shape – baguette Mix Cut
Carat Weight – 1.30ct
Color – Fancy Intense Pink to Fancy Pink
Clarity – SI-VS
Treatment – None
Cut Grade – EX
Polish – EX
Symmetry – EX
Country of Origin


Stone Treatment

Stone Form

Total Carat Weight (TCW)

Stone Type


Diamond Color



Country/Region of Manufacture






Cut Grade

Colored Diamond Intensity

Stone Shape

Diamond Clarity Grade

Stone Creation

Total Carat Weight

Fancy Color



Suitable For
Number of Diamonds

Availability: In stock

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Natural Argyle Fancy to Intense Pink 1.30ct baguette Mix cut Diamonds Parcel

Availability: In stock