Pink Diamond – 0.17ct ARGYLE 4PP Natural Loose Fancy Intense Pink GIA Emerald


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Product Description

Retail Price – $25,000
Item Stock Number – 54796334
Certificate Number – GIA 2213483954, Argyle 6528
Shape – Emerald
Carat Weight – 0.17ct
Measurements – 4.37×2.50×1.74
Color – Fancy Intense Purple Pink, 4PP
Clarity – SI1
Treatment – None
Cut Grade – G
Polish – G
Symmetry – P



Elegance in a Rare Hue: The Emerald Argyle Diamond

Retail Price: $25,000

Item Stock Number: 54796334

Certificate Number: GIA 2213483954, Argyle 6528

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of the Emerald Argyle Diamond. A gem that epitomizes grace in an extraordinary hue, this diamond is a testament to both nature’s artistry and Argyle’s legacy.

Key Features:

Shape – Emerald: The Emerald shape is known for its clean lines and timeless elegance, creating a mesmerizing and elongated profile that showcases a unique radiance.

Carat Weight – 0.17ct: While modest in carat weight, this diamond’s value is found in its scarcity and captivating color, setting it apart in any collection.

Measurements – 4.37×2.50×1.74: Precisely measured to enhance its brilliance, these dimensions ensure it radiates with captivating light.

Color – Fancy Intense Purple Pink, 4PP: The Fancy Intense Purple Pink hue, graded as 4PP, reflects the unparalleled ability of Argyle to produce diamonds with breathtaking and unique colors.

Clarity – SI1: With a clarity grade of SI1, this diamond displays natural features that add character and depth to its already enchanting appearance.

Treatment – None: This diamond is completely untreated, preserving its natural beauty and authenticity.

Cut Grade – G (Good): While the cut grade is Good, it showcases the diamond’s natural beauty, allowing it to shine with its unique charm.

Polish – G (Good): A Good polish ensures the diamond’s surface is smooth and retains its natural character, enhancing its unique appeal.

This Emerald Argyle Diamond is a rare and captivating treasure, perfect for those who appreciate the allure of nature’s artistry. Whether you’re looking for a distinctive addition to your collection or a symbol of your unique style and taste, this diamond is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Seize the opportunity to own this exceptional gem. Its extraordinary beauty and one-of-a-kind color make it a truly unique centerpiece in any jewelry collection, a treasured gift, or a symbol of timeless elegance. Make this exquisite gem your own and embrace the beauty and rarity it represents.



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