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Fancy colored diamonds are a rare find. Being an integral part of the network of highly reputed and connected global diamond

organizations, Talore Diamonds is in the unique position to buy and offer fancy colored stones. We deal in a range of fancy colored

diamonds – blue, green, red, yellow, and orange – that are worth up to $10m.

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Fancy colored diamonds have a very particular and intricate global market. The low trading volumes determine their value and even minute changes in color can profoundly impact the cost.

At Talore Diamonds, we purchase Fancy Colored Diamonds that can be used as jewelry or loose stone. We make it a point to stock stones in all shapes and sizes to ensure that our customers can get exactly what they want.

Following are the colors that we buy: Fancy Green, Fancy Pink, Fancy Gray, Fancy Brown, Fancy Purple, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Orange, Fancy Chameleon, and Fancy Red.
Argyle Diamonds

Invest In Color Diamonds

The Fancy Color diamonds and diamond jewelry prices are goes up in every year and sells to break the record again and again in every year, pink diamonds increased their price by over then 100% in just 3 Years ! Blue Diamonds are tripled their prices in 5 years and the prices are keep goes up, it does not matter if the market is up or down the history show that the color diamonds prices always went up and never went down ! the demand is always got high and the supply down – we can not argue with facts – Natural Color Diamonds is the best investment, we made a special category for diamonds with high potential to be the best investment

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