Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

Talore Diamonds will provide you the most rare and unique Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, RED & More With the highest quality , cut and polish,

Our Diamonds are 100% Natural earth mine and conflict free, We are located on the 47Th st & 5Th Ave in New York Diamond District For many Years.

Don’t pay retail prices ! Talore Diamonds Will offer all of our customers the lowest wholesale prices possible.

Want To Sell Your Fancy Color Old Jewelry ?

Fancy colored diamonds are the rarest diamonds in the world. Talore Diamonds is a part of one of the world’s largest, most knowledgeable and well-connected diamond organizations. As such we are placed to Buy Fancy Color Diamonds. We Can Buy all fancy color Diamonds as fancy blue, fancy pink, fancy orange, fancy red, fancy yellow and fancy green diamonds with any size clarity and price – Contact us today to obtain a valuation.

Go On A New Style – We Will Change Your Old One

Want to change your old jewelry by a new one ?Want to change your old jewelry by a new one ?Want to change your old jewelry by a new one ?

Choose Your Ring By Color

Sell Your Jewelry & Turn It To Cash Money

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