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All you need to know about Talore Diamonds

When it comes to buying jewelry or diamonds either to adorn yourself or your loved one, you need to look no further than Talore Diamonds

As a trusted leader in the field of colored diamonds, Talore Diamonds offer a wide variety of natural fancy colored diamonds in a range of vivid hues and saturation. 

With years of experience in dealing with diamonds, and extensive stock that is picked by a panel of diamond experts to meet the highest standards of quality, cut, clarity and rarity value, Talore Diamonds brings to you the very best.

Wide range of prices

Talore Diamonds offers a wide selection of the best quality colored diamonds in an array of price brackets. Whether you want to buy high quality, well cut and rare natural diamonds set in a range of platinum, white gold and gold rings or a single one-carat diamond solitaire necklace for a special someone, you can trust Talore Diamonds to deliver.

Even if you want to buy a rare and valuable fancy colored diamond for investment purposes, Talore Diamonds will meet your needs and offer you the colored diamonds of your dreams at an affordable price.

Sounds too good to be true? Then give Talore Diamonds a try and check for yourself.

Qualified and professional staff

Talore Diamonds is staffed by a range of well qualified and knowledgeable people who are experts in the field of diamonds. They will help and guide you at each step of the way so that you can make the best decision regarding your diamond purchases. 

Outstanding customer service

Talore Diamonds prides itself on it’s outstanding and friendly customer service. Whatever your jewelry demands, this one-stop online diamond shop will leave no stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling’s them in an efficient and timely manner. 

The customer service of Talore Diamonds is very cooperative and helpful. It has been trained to provide any information you need to complete your purchase in a friendly, helpful way.

High quality and rare diamonds

Colored diamonds are extremely rare. In fact, only one in every ten thousand diamonds extracted will be a fancy natural colored diamond. Colored diamonds are formed with the addition of trace elements such as boron, nitrogen or hydrogen to the carbon atomic structure of diamonds. They are found rarely with the more intense and vivid colors being the rarest and valuable. 

At Talore diamonds, you will get expertly curated range of the best quality and rarest diamonds. All in the most brilliant cuts and colors. The diamonds are specifically chosen for their high quality, intense colors and brilliant cuts by a team of expert gem professionals. This means than only the best are offered to the customers.

Exceptional prices and deals

You can be assured that when you are making a purchase from Talore Diamonds you will be receiving the best quality, valuable colored diamonds at exceptional prices. Moreover, you will provided certificates of authenticity with the high-quality Argyle colored diamonds.

As well as stocking an array of colored diamonds to cater to all price points in a gorgeous variety of colors, Talore Diamonds also offer deals that are unbeatable for adding value to your diamond shopping experience.

Satisfied customer base

Talore diamonds provides exceptional diamonds and goes above and beyond by offering bespoke services when it comes to crafting jewelry according to the personalized needs of clients. It has catered to the demands of thousands of customers worldwide and can say with certainty that our customers have gained valuable, high-quality and rare items.

Plus, the brilliant customer service ensures that all queries of our customers are addressed properly and timely. The after-sale service is also very professional and efficient.

On the whole, the experience of shopping from Talore Diamonds is exceptional. This is evident from a number of glowing testimonials and reviews as well as high customer retention.

Discreet and safe diamond purchasing

Buying something as valuable and eye-catching as diamonds are best conducted online. Here at Talore diamonds online you can make your purchases in a discreet and safe way. While also receiving the highest quality of natural colored diamonds at your doorstep in a timely and efficient manner.

The honest and qualified staff will support your diamond purchasing with discretion and efficiency. So stay safe and below the radar by conducting all your valuable diamond and jewel purchases online. 

Every color for every occasion 

From colors suitable for a gorgeous engagement ring such as romantic pink, an eye-catching canary yellow or a brilliant blue to something more sombre and elegant such as a cognac diamond, Talore Diamonds can cater to all your colored diamond needs.

Diamonds are graded according to color, hue and saturation. With our color chart originates from the Gemological Institute of America, you can choose the color, hue and saturation of diamond you desire conveniently.

The GIA grades diamonds according to cut, clarity, color and carat weight. While all of these factors play a part in pricing the value of a diamond, the larger diamonds are more expensive.

Colored fancy diamonds are rated on a different scale beyond the D-Z grading of colorless diamonds. On this scale, D represents a clear diamond if the highest quality with diamond colors getting murkier towards Z.

With color diamonds the cut, clarity and carat values all take a back seat with the color intensity playing a major role in the value of a colored diamond. 


Talore diamonds is an established and trusted online diamond dealer. It provides a wide range of stunning gems at unmatchable prices. All your diamond and jewelry shopping can be conducted in a discreet, safe and hassle-free way when you opt for Talore Diamonds.

So, what are you waiting for?

Shop from Talore Diamonds today!

talore diamonds natural fancy color diamonds

Talore Diamonds is a specialist of fancy color diamonds company & manufacture of jewelry which is located in 5Th Ave New York, USA

We have a factory for production of diamonds which produce from rough diamonds from the earth to finished products as a polished diamond with a big range of colors , shapes , intensity , and with the best quality.

We are a big wholesalers of polished diamonds in all sizes and all colors, especially in natural rare colored diamonds as Red , Pink , Blue , Green , Yellow , Purple , Orange , And more…

We are expert and have a big collection of ARGYLE Diamonds from loose diamonds to jewelry and engagement rings

The company was established many years ago and our goal is to serve the customer with the highest quality standards in the world

Our jewelry are made by the most high quality materials , 100% real and handmade and design by an expert jewelers .

We will provide you the best service and the most attractive price that possible

All of our diamonds are conflict free And are compatible with all the international standards

For any question please contact us.

Thank You


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