All you need to know about Fancy Purple Colored Diamond

Fancy Colored Diamonds range in a variety of colors such as green, yellow, red, and orange to name a few. Brown and yellow-colored diamonds are more common than the rest, but they are also less valuable. White and black colored are also categorized as fancy. Some of these are used as gems as well for instance the “Black Orloff diamond” which was named after Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orloff. 

Here we will discuss in detail the fancy purple colored diamonds.

Purple Colored Diamond Formation

Colored diamonds are born the same way the colorless ones are, which is through pressure and carbon molecules coming together. The color only comes to be when some other elements come in contact during the formation process.  

Scientists are not clear on what brings about the color in purple diamonds exactly, but they have hypothesized that it’s the presence of boron and hydrogen. The boron brings out the color blue. However, the inclusion of hydrogen in the mix turns the color to purple. 

Intensity Levels

There are six levels of intensity for purple fancies (in descending order): Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, Fancy Dark, Fancy Intense, Fancy, and Fancy Light. These stones can also have secondary shades of blue, grey, pink, or red which can be used to divide them into further categories. 

purple diamond

Price and Rarity

Purple fancy diamonds are not as popular or rare as some other colored diamonds such as red or pink, but they still are difficult to get. Pure purple diamonds are very rarely ever sold, and most consumers buy purple fancies with other overtone colors. 

The feminine and serine appeal of purple diamonds make them ideal for diamond engagement rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

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