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All you need to know about Fancy Red Diamond


Are you too a diamond lover, looking for a guide to know about the rarest fancy loose diamonds in the market?

If yes, then go over this detailed blog that highlights all you need to know about the fancy red-colored diamond.

Origin of Diamonds

Most of the diamonds originate from the mines of the Africa, Brazil, India and one of the largest mine named Argyle diamond mine, in Australia.

Red-colored Diamond formation

Transparent diamonds are made when pressure is applied to the carbon atoms. On the other hand, colored diamonds are made explicitly from the carbon crystal lattice.

Now, you might be thinking where the fancy colored diamonds get their color from?

Most of the diamonds such as blue or green get their color from the inclusions like boron or nitrogen that affects their crystal lattice. However, red diamonds are purely made of carbon lattice, and its color is said to be generated due to a significant defect in the crystal structure. Along with that, light reflection also aids in the imparting the strength to red color

Price and Rarity 

Although all of the diamonds are rarely found, some are incredibly scarce. The red diamond is one of them. Pure red diamonds being rare are, in turn, super expensive. The prices in the market are adjusted according to the rarity of the diamonds. The more the scarce the diamond, the more it will be valuable and the more the saturation of the color, the less the price of the diamond would be. The fancy red diamond is mostly less saturated and quite scare; hence, it is highly valuable.

red diamond

Intensity Levels

In Fancy red diamond, unlike other colored diamonds, there is no level of intensities. The red diamond itself could be thought of as the supersaturated level of the pink colored diamonds. Inclusions such brownish and orangy hues might be present in the diamond.

The bottom line is that red diamonds due to their uniqueness and impeccable aesthetics continue to take the breath away of people and make a statement on behalf of the one wearing it.

So, shop one today for yourself or your loved one!

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