All you need to know About Pink Colored Diamond

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds exist in one of the favorite colors of women – pink. As pink color is attributed to women and is taken in the context of love and tenderness, pink diamonds continue to be in high demand. 

If you want to deeply explore pink colored diamonds, then you are at the right place. 

Intensity level

Like other fancy color diamond, pink-colored diamond also possesses impurities in the form of modifiers and provides a wide range of intensity levels to the natural fancy pink color. These intensities according to the GIA include, faint, light, very light, fancy, fancy vivid, fancy dark etc. Combinations of colors include purplish pink, orange-pink brown pink etc.

Price and Rarity

Pink colored diamonds are the second rarest in the world and amongst the list of the most revered diamonds. Hence, if you get your hands on one of them, you should consider yourself very lucky. But you would have to pay a heavy price for this chance given that they are considerably expensive. 

How to find cheaper Pink Diamond?

If you are fond of pink diamonds and want to buy one but don’t have the finances to opt for a real diamond, then you can get an artificial one made. Yes, that’s true. 

pink diamond

Diamond treatment manipulates the color, and you can get whichever color you need. Since the diamond won’t be a naturally colored diamond, so it would be less costly; therefore, you can flaunt your jewel by working an easy way out. However, do not forget to look for 4Cs even if you are going for treated diamonds. 



It can without doubt be said that pink diamonds are perfect for diamond jewelry of any kind and if you want to get yourself or your loved one a meaningful present then pink diamonds are the one you should choose.

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