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A few decades ago, Australia was not regarded as a major source of diamonds.

But geologists were determined for that to change.

Despite the country’s extreme weather events, they indulged in an expedition to find a washed-up land with mineral deposits in the dry creek and a layer formed by regular rains called a pipe.

This was only the foreshadowing of a memorable discovery of the Argyle Mine.

The Discovery In Australia

In the 1970s, searches revealed vast deposits in Smoke Creek of the Ragged Ranges in the Kimberley region of Australia.

CRA Ltd. spent vigorously on a challenging journey to exhume, transport, and analyze the samples extracted from the region till traces of minerals were unveiled in the dry creek bed and the destination was found with a holy grail of pink diamonds.

Later, CRA became Rio Tinto and in the year 1984, began construction in the land to make it into a lucrative source of diamonds that we now know by the name of Argyle Mine.

Argyle diamond

The mine made Rio Tinto a mining giant consequently making Australia home to ninety percent of pink diamonds ever extracted from the world.

An Ethical Journey

Rio Tinto valued Pink Diamonds with the historic significance along with their timeless beauty to justify the culture and stories of the indigenous locals who called Kimberly home for thousands of years.

They started their journey as ambassadors of high principles and morals well before the Clean Diamond Trade Act was imposed due to conflicted diamonds.

The Argyle mine is the most famous source for Argyle pink diamonds

It was not the capitalist mindset that flourished Rio Tinto. Instead, it was the inspirational integrity that led the firm to success. Rio Tinto adopted efficient technology to safeguard the significant sites of the region while minimizing the footprint in the mine.

On the other hand, landscape rehabilitation was prioritized that involved replantation of native species destroyed during the mining process.

Since the locals were socio-economically underprovided, Rio Tinto trained them to have a better scope of employment and provided education and health benefits. Hence, the community flourished long after there was nothing left in the mines.

By empowering the community, Rio Tinto embossed ethical and sustainable practices that the diamond industry often neglected as portrayed in the movie, “Blood Diamond”.

An Amazed World

Now, it wasn’t that the world had never seen a pink-colored diamond. The concept was rare and infrequent but it existed. India was a principal source of such diamonds along with Brazil and Indonesia in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Few of those priceless stones made their way to beautify the emperor’s crowns as well. It was the rarity of the pink diamonds that made it impossible for the people of wealth to put their hand on such a prized jewel.

So, what was it that captivated the world with Argyle diamonds?

The discovery of Argyle Mine and consistent production of finite diamonds gave the possibility to the people who wished to attain something considered unattainable in the past that shook the world.

The diamonds from Argyle became widely iconic in the three decades proceeding the discovery of the mine such that the forces of demand and supply raised the value of these precious gems by 500%.

Every person wished to grasp the fast-diminishing opportunity to become an owner of a prestigiously unique marvel of the world before the mine retired.

1pr argyle diamond

Impactful Tenders

Since the inception of the enigmatically beautiful diamonds, Rio Tinto indulged in a highly sophisticated grading process by assessing the diamonds based on hue, saturation, and tone to find eternally masterpieces weighing over .20 carats that were rare of the rarest to be tendered in 1984.

In 1984, the company began the custom of highly exclusive diamond sale of the world where only the finest 0.01% of diamonds ever extracted were auctioned.

The Tender grew fame as only 33 diamonds carrying worth over millions of dollars per carat were showcased in several cities around the world, and the highest sealed bidders were notified once the tender deadline expired.

After almost 40 years of showcasing unparalleled diamonds, the 2020’s Argyle Signature Tender auctioned 62 unrepeatable specimens marking the closure of the Argyle mines.

The bidders made an investment keeping in mind that it would perhaps be the second last opportunity to seize an increasingly valuable gem that will be a treasure for their future generations.

The Incomparable

Only a fraction of the diamonds make it to the tender but that’s not the entirety of diamonds excavated from Argyle. As a matter of fact, the pink diamonds represent only a percent of diamonds that are mined, and the majority of the diamonds ever mined were of low quality and fairly inexpensive diamonds.

But the ones that made Argyle a golden goose were truly special due to the intensity of their color and the beauty involved in giving them their features. The diamonds required brilliance in craftsmanship as the molecular structure that gave the diamonds the color made the process of polishing a challenge.

To procure, polish, and grade a diamond, it took approximately 10 times more effort on a pink diamond than it took on a white diamond that makes the value of these gems beyond comparison with any other extracted from the mines.

Therefore, by only being 1% of the total findings, the pink diamonds ruled entire diamond markets for decades.

An Era’s End

The rising sun finally found its sea to set in 2020 with its cache of diamonds fully depleted.

In 2021, Rio Tinto is expected to hold its one final tender and will reveal the last of diamonds with godly intensity and vivid range of color that the world may never get to witness again in a Tender hosted by the company.

The legend of Argyle’s Diamonds will be unlike any other mines. The Kimberly’s site will be fully restored with its original landscape while having raised the marginalized community out of the socio-economic crisis.

At the same time, Argyle Diamonds have fulfilled the desire of countless people to own a mesmerizing heirloom for generations to come.

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