Argyle red diamond

Argyle Red Diamond or Argyle Pink Diamond: Which One Should You Select?

argyle red diamond

Diamonds are among one of the most extraordinary and beautiful gems on earth. We have all heard of, and seen the different fancy cuts of diamonds, but nothing quite compares to the glorious Argyle diamonds – known to truly be one of a kind.

The Magnificent Argyle Diamonds

As precious stones, diamonds have been praised from the beginning of time as characterizing fortunes of respectability and valued assets of the wealth.

Yet, of the multitude of tones available in the argyle diamonds, some of the precious and most sought-after ones include the Red Argyle Diamonds.

These make up no more than around 0.01% of the total diamond production, all thanks to their incredible rarity.

If you’re wondering how precious the argyle diamonds can be, well, the higher the intensity of the tone, the more costly the stone!

argyle diamond

Origins of the World’s Most Precious Stones

The notable Argyle diamonds typically come from an Argyle mine in the East Kimberley district of Western Australia, which is 500 km southwest of Darwin and in excess of 2,200 km of Perth.

Following the revelation of a couple of alluvial jewels in the territory, efficient investigations were launched to look into discovering, what are now known as the incredibly rare and beautiful Argyle diamonds.

The Fiery Red Tones of the Red Argyle Diamonds

If an Argyle diamond had to be crowned for its rarity and hues, the Red Argyle Diamond is certainly a top contender.

Since the beginning, not many authentic red colored precious stones have been discovered. This is exactly why one look at the Red Argyle, and the viewer is mesmerized by what all it has to offer. This specific piece illuminates fiery red tones, bewildering the watcher.

Natural and extravagant, the red diamonds are evaluated by the force of their shading and range between purplish red to deep red. The more grounded the tone, the more noteworthy the estimation of the jewel.

Pink Argyle Diamonds in Subtle Pink

The reason for shading in many jewels is because of minor components brought into the gem design of the precious stone.

Despite the fact that it isn’t precisely known what causes the tone in Argyle pink precious stones, it is believed that a separation of the gem grid can be made.

The contortion of the gem grid makes the precious stone ingest light uniquely in contrast to white jewels and above all, reflect various tones including pink hues.

In light of this marvel, it has been said that the Argyle pink precious stones “blush when you gaze at them“.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

Each tone of the magnificent argyle diamond has its own unique and extravagant feel; hence, the answer to which one you should choose, precisely depends on what you’re looking for from the diamond itself.

Here are some things we believe you need to shed some light on before making the decision of purchasing this one-of-a-kind diamond cut:

  • Seeking A Great, Strong Investment

Diamonds have always been a great investment, growing with every chance they get. So, if you’re someone looking to make a strong investment by buying yourself an argyle diamond, its best to lean more towards the red argyle diamond.

These exceptional fiery red diamonds are extremely rare and found in the scarcest quantities around the world, bumping up their investment value a little above those of the pink argyle diamonds.

BUT! This certainly does not mean that the pink argyle diamonds are an investment not worthwhile. In fact, they escalate in value by around 13% in just a year.

The pink argyle diamonds have their own charm, but perhaps just one that offers slightly less returns than their bolder counterpart.

  • A Symbol Of Love For Your Significant Other

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – an everlasting statement for a reason! Women undeniably love diamonds and there is certainly no better way to express your love than to gift your lovely significant other a gorgeous, striking pink argyle diamond. This blushed beauty will not only become a symbol of your love but will speak volumes on your lady’s hands, ears, and even neck. So, if you are looking for a color of love to surprise your lucky woman, the pink argyle diamonds are a big yes! Opt for this dazzling hue as wedding gifts and proposal rings.

  • Making A Bigger, Bolder Entry

Do you like being under the spotlight?

If you said yes, the choice is clear.

The red argyle diamonds will have all eyes on nothing but you. Be it a ring, a bracelet, or a stunning masterpiece around your neck, the red argyle diamonds warrant nothing but a bigger, bolder entry wherever you go.

This certainly makes it easier to choose, right?

  • A Range Of Uniquely Rendered Diamonds

The pink argyle diamonds come in tens of different tones of pink and since they’re all nature, it’s pretty easy to come across a pink argyle diamond with a tone nothing like any diamond in the world.

When looking for a rare diamond to match your unique personality, it is best to go for pink argyle diamonds with tones of purple, gray, and blue as they can truly reflect your rarity and that of the diamond itself.

Don’t forget, the more intense and purer the shade of pink, the more expensive and valuable it becomes.

Introducing Effortless Masterpieces In Your Daily Attire

Regardless of what color you choose, be it the cherry mahogany tones of the red argyle diamond or the subtle blushed hues of the pink argyle diamond, either of those introduce an effortless masterpiece in your daily attire.

Whether you opt for making them a part of your everyday wardrobe or save them for a special day, these one-of-a-kind argyle diamonds are warranted to help you stand out and feel more confident than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for? Search and explore various avenues to find your unique argyle diamond, whatever color it may be!

Paint the two red or blush in pink; the sky is the limit with the right bling!


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