Argyle blue diamond

Argyle Red Diamonds & Argyle Blue Diamonds

Argyle Blue Diamonds

Red diamonds may be the rarest, and the pinks may be exceedingly expensive, but when it comes to sheer overwhelming beauty, no jewel can parallel the mystical allure of an ethereal Argyle Blue Diamond

Exquisite symbols of eternity and incredible investment

Known as the color of eternal love, peace, devotion and spirituality, blue is high in demand and rightly so. Blue diamonds are desired by the masses for their elegance and majestic beauty and by investors and collectors as a rare, durable, high value and low-risk investment. 

Blue diamonds get their exquisite color from the addition of trace amounts of boron to the diamonds carbon atomic structure. This is thought to occur during the early creation of a diamond. 

A unique jewel

While not as rarified as the extraordinary red diamond that is purely a collector’s item or even the romantic pink which also costs a pretty penny, the argyle blue diamond is still incredibly unique. Only one out of every 25 million carats of Argyle evacuated diamonds turns out to be a coveted Blue Jewel. This is why the blue gem is considered a veritable treasure and one of the highest-value diamonds.

Value of Blue diamonds

Blue diamonds were never cheap. They are one of the highest-priced diamonds and sometimes costing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars depending on color and size. 

But they have seen a tremendous escalation in value in the recent past. Blue diamonds have increased in value by over seventy per cent over the last ten years. This price hike is expected to continue making blue diamonds a viable and stable investment prospect.

Variance in colors and price

On the Argyle color chart which compartmentalizes diamonds by color and quality, blue diamonds can range anywhere from the palest dreamy blue to an intense vivid blue diamond.

The price of blue diamonds also ranges, mostly according to the color chart. Though the size, quality and cut also play a part in pricing a colored fancy natural diamond. The most magnificent and intense colors will command a much higher remuneration as opposed to the more washed-out colors. 

argyle oval blue diamond

The prestige of Argyle

Argyle blue diamonds are extracted from the Argyle mines that are situated in the Kimberly region of West Australia. The mines take their name from the nearby Lake Argyle and produce a majority of the colored diamonds in the world, including the magnificent blue gems. 

Opened in 1983 by the Rio Tonto group, for nearly four decades they have consistently supplied the best quality colored diamonds the world has ever seen. They have been responsible for about a third of total diamond production worldwide.

If a colored diamond can be traced to have been extracted from Argyle or if it comes with Argyle certification, it greatly increases its value. The extraordinarily high number of colored diamonds produced with outstanding color saturation is also unique to Argyle.

High quality distinctly hued diamonds

The high value of the Argyle Blue is not just because of the reflected prestige of Argyle and its position as the premier producer of colored diamonds. It isn’t even the marketing hype surrounding its exclusive annual event, the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender in which the best of its pink, violet and blue diamonds are displayed to an elite invitation-only crowd.

Colored diamonds from Argyle are known to be of a finer quality than others. Argyle blue diamonds have a distinct more vivid color than those found in other mines around the world.

It is speculated that this more intense coloration is due to the much younger age of the diamonds. Argyle diamonds are thought to have been formulated around 400 million years ago which is relatively less ancient than other diamonds. The fact that most of Argyle colored diamonds are of a smaller size than average is also attributed to the age of the diamonds.

Sharp decline in supply

The fact is that the Argyle mine has plans to cease its operations in the coming year. So in 2020, this mine will be shut down. This will cause an immediate as well as sharp decline, and in turn effective end of new supply. That implies the though the demand for Argyle certified natural colored diamonds is insatiable. The price of colored diamonds is soon set to soar in the near future.

Increasing public demand

The charm of a blue diamond is only amplified when a celebrity such as Jennifer Lopez flaunts her engagement ring. Bought by her then fiancé Marc Anthony this is a whopping 14-carate blue diamond. It was worth 4 million at the time and has been described by J Lo as her favorite piece of jewelry. 

Blue diamonds are often worn by public figures given that makes them more glamorous and look like modern royalty. This sharpens public interest in those gems and results in an appreciable upward incline in both demand and prices. 

The popularity of diamonds is not restricted to only the West, which shows an insatiable appetite for diamonds. A growing increase in the Western custom of diamond engagement rings in the emerging middle-classes of Asian countries means that demand for colored diamonds can only increase.


The Argyle blue diamond glows and entices but signals an unattainable mystery. It is a fantastic dreamy objective for many and a coveted once in a lifetime treasure for a very fortunate few. As supply dries up and stocks deplete the Argyle Blue diamond will soon be a priceless jewel, a memory for the masses of alluring temptation.

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Argyle Red Diamonds & Argyle Blue Diamonds

Argyle Red Diamonds


Diamonds occupy the pinnacle of the gemstone world and the red diamonds are the stars at the zenith of the diamond family. We know that colored fancy diamonds are extremely rare in the world, occurring sparingly in a handful of diamond mines. Don’t we?

But do you know that of the various colored diamonds available from blue to cognac to orange, none are as rare as the fancy red diamond. The number of true red diamonds in the world today is in the low double digits. These diamonds are so rare that we know of only thirty that exist in the world. And these are mostly lower then a carat in weight. 

Unlike the other colored diamonds that occur because of impurities such as nitrogen or boron being added the structure, red diamonds are pure carbon. Their extraordinary color occurs due to anomalies in the atomic structure. Light refracts into the changed structure giving us the amazing and sought after red color. So while red diamonds have the exact same mineral properties as white diamonds, they are incredibly unique and sought after because of the mutation that gives them the red color. 

This atomic change means that only 0.03 of diamonds are pink and of these, a tiny handful will be pure red. The chances of finding a red diamond are actually just one in sixty million. The considerably low chances of finding them just add to the aura of glamour, splendor and elegance of red diamonds.

Argyle red diamond

The Argyle Red Diamond and Mines

Diamond mining occurs famously in South Africa and Russia and there is no doubt that they generate some colored diamonds. However, up to ninety percent of the pink diamonds, including the fabled red are supplied by a single mine in East Kimberly Region in the North of Western Australia.

Argyle takes its name from Lake Argyle to its Southwest and was opened in 1985 by the Rio Tinto Group. It is owned by the Diavik Diamond mine in Canada and the Murowa Diamond Mine Zimbabwe. It exploits a volcanic pipe of lamproite with has an open-pit construction as well as an underground block cave mine. This underground block cave system is the first of its kind in Western Australia. It extended the Argyle mining operations for a few more years.

Red Diamond

Value of Argyle Diamond

The Argyle diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity and are the most sought after diamonds due to their exceptionalism. If a diamond is traced to have originated from the Argyle mine, it adds extra value to its price. As it is, red diamonds are sold from one million to three million dollars per carat with the Argyle red diamonds being the most precious gemstones in the world. 

Such is the importance of red diamonds that they are the only diamonds that can be used for investment purposes while being less than one carat in weight. They are sought after typically by collectors and investors rather than consumers. This is because they practically never occur in more then one carat while having tremendous value and rarity appeal. Since the year 2000, the price of red diamonds has increased by 500 percent, and this increase in value can only become greater with time. That being said, they can be used in jewelry ( as they can without a doubt light up any room.

Examples of the Argyle Red Diamonds and the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is a yearly display of the most remarkable items in a unique class. There the most outstanding of the red and pink diamonds from Argyle are shown in a glorious exhibition to the gem worshipping world. It is an invitation-only event where the world’s best quality red diamonds are showcased. Up to twenty carats of red diamonds have been sold here since it started in 1984.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender was where the world was introduced the Argyle Red Diamond known as the Argyle Ever glow – a giant among red diamonds of 2.11 carat. As well as the Ever glow the Argyle mines have produced the Lady in Red. This is a 0.54 carat round brilliant cut diamond that can be seen to be purplish red in color and is one of seven such diamonds found in the world till now.


The Argyle diamond mines have also minted the most expensive coin in the world known as the Kimberly Treasure; it is composed of 99 percent pure gold as well as being inset with a brilliant red diamond. It was staggeringly priced at one million Australian dollars and was intended for investment use.

Closure of Argyle Mines 

The Argyle Mines have produced up to 865 million carats of diamonds of all qualities in more than thirty years of operations. The fancy colored diamonds for which they are most known are recognized and coveted by collectors and diamond enthusiasts around the world. They have been the largest producers of red diamonds in the world even if that supply was little more then a handful of diamonds. For example, in 2013 three red diamonds were reported to have been found at Argyle showing a huge increase over previous years.


However, now this is all coming to an end.

The End of an Era

The Argyle diamond mines are nearly depleted and slated for closure in 2020. Though diamonds are still present in the mines, the cost of taking them out is now much higher. This means that keeping the mine open for longer is an enviable proposition.

The closure of the mine will be a sharp jolt to the pink diamond market that it has nurtured. It has been predicted that their prices will sharply increase since supply will no longer even partially compensate for demand.


The closing of the Argyle mines will mark the end of an era, not just because of the affect it will have on the supply of diamonds but also because of impact it will have on the availability of the queen of splendor, the Argyle Red Diamond. From now on, we know that the Argyle Red Diamonds will be more valuable and rarer than ever. Maybe the future will bring us another discovery of a mine as prolific as Argyle. But so far this is the only mine that promised a regular input of red diamonds in the world. When it closes, the existing Argyle Red diamonds will become priceless and unique commodities. 

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