Check Argyle Pink Diamond Certificate Authenticity Online

Every Argyle pink diamond from 0.08ct and up has a laser inscription with a unique number on the girdle that is visible under at least x10 loupe magnification and certificate.

Argyle certificate and laser inscription on the diamond are the guarantee of authentication that the diamond was mined and cut by the Argyle mine in Australia.

Here you can check the Argyle lot number for authentication of the diamond certificate.


argyle certificate check

The Argyle certificate check is intended to confirm that the argyle lot number and the certificate are existing record in the argyle diamonds database.
Argyle diamonds certificate was recorded in the Argyle database and can be validate from:


0.20ct and up – Commenced January 2005
0.15ct and up – Commenced January 2009
0.08ct and up – December 2016 until now


Argyle inscription number can be checked and validated online.

Argyle inscription number



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