Everything you need to know about yellow diamonds ?

A Yellow colored diamond is one of the most encountered and widespread fancy colored diamond today. Large deposits of yellow colored diamonds are still found in South Africa.

The Gemological Institute of America highlighted in 2003 that about 58% of all the diamonds that were graded by them were in yellow color shade. This substantiates the earlier point, referring to the abundance of yellow diamonds.

Unique Color

Diamonds have a carbon structure, but the substitution of the nitrogen element with the carbon gives the diamond some other unique properties. The nitrogen atom absorbs two types of radiation in the blue region of the spectrum, and the rest of the spectrum transmits light, giving the yellow color to the diamond.

Color Saturation

Yellow colored diamonds show variations in saturation and tone. With light tones, they give the strongest saturation, and this saturation is more intense than it is for any other colored diamond. The most yellow colored diamonds fall in the saturation range of fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid and fancy light.

Shape and Size

Yellow diamonds are mostly preferred in fancy shapes. In a study on yellow diamonds, it was found that 94% of the yellow diamonds were of intricate shapes other than round.

The Yellow diamonds occur in a larger size than the other fancy colored diamonds, and that is why they provide more versatility in designing jewelry. The incomparable Canada mark (TM) yellow colored diamond weighs 552 carats and is the largest yellow diamond.

yellow diamond

Color Retention

The best yellow color yield and retention are mostly seen in the rectangular and square shaped categories such as cushions and emeralds.


Yellow colored fancy diamonds have the ability to light up any room and make a statement on behalf of the one wearing it. If you are looking for something eye-catching and impeccable for yourself or to give presents , then yellow diamonds are the right choice for you.

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