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Fancy Color Diamond Quality Factors

When we talk about the fancy color diamond, the dominant factor is of course the color. As far as perfect pure diamond exists, there is an absolute possibility that some of the diamond possesses impurities too. These impurities or imperfections, in other words, are termed as inclusions.

It has been noted that even if diamonds have inclusions but displays fancy color, its value might increase.

If you are looking for an ideal diamond, be it for an engagement ring or for giving the perfect present, then following are the factors you should consider:


The factor that ultimately makes a diamond sparkle is its cut. The cut includes symmetries, angles and proportions, brilliance and other finishing points.

Diamond is cut for different reasons, for example, to give it maximum finish, to remove the inclusions and to increase or decrease the carat weight. According to the GIA, the diamond is cut into categories such as excellent, good, very good, fair and poor.


Moving on to color, GIA scales the diamond from D to Z where D is white colorless and Z is yellow or brown tinted. The GIA scale is made to show that not all the fancy colored diamond possesses the same depth of color.

Fancy colored diamond exists in a range of colors such as fancy light, fancy, fancy intense and fancy vivid.

The color of colored diamonds can be pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, gray, red and black sometimes it could come with a secondary color like yellowish, greenish, purplish, brownish, grayish and more.

There is also special color that change his color by temperature or darkness it called a chameleon diamond , the chameleon diamond can change the color from yellow and green to orange and than get back to his regular color if you heat the diamond or put it for a long time in a dark place.

In color diamonds the most important thing for the value is the color and the intensity for example – fancy vivid pink in I1 clarity will cost much higher than fancy light pink VVS1 in the same weight , it is the same way in blue diamonds, green diamonds and more…

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Next, to cut, the vital factor element for the diamond to sparkle at its best is clarity. Clarity means that the diamond is free of inclusions. If these inclusions are left as is, then the light reflection will be disrupted, and the diamond will become dull. According to GIA, diamond clarity is determined by the scale FL (Flawless), IF (Internally Flawless), VS1 (Very Slightly Included 1), SI1 (Slightly Included 1), I1 (Inclusions 1) etc.


While buying a diamond, the carat weight is secondary as compared to cut and clarity. It is a misconception that the more the carat weight would be the bigger the stone would be; however, carat weight only determines the heaviness of the diamond.

There you go – the four diamond quality factors that you need to consider before buying a diamond.

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