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Fancy colored diamonds are a rare find. Being an integral part of the network of highly reputed and connected global diamond organizations, Talore Diamonds is in the unique position to buy and offer fancy colored stones. We deal in a range of fancy colored diamonds – blue, green, red, yellow, and orange – that are worth up to $10m.

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So, you are looking to sell your colored diamond because you are in need of money or just simply want to buy another stone or jewelry that’s trendier nowadays?

You have little to no idea about how you should go about selling your colored diamond?

Are you worried that you might be taken advantage of by buyers given that you lack the knowledge and expertise when it comes to selling diamonds?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the steps you should take to sell your colored diamond with the minimal hassle and for the best price. Our aim to keep you informed, prepare you to safely sell off your valuable diamond.

Isn’t that exactly what you want? So, read on!

It would be an understatement to say that the global market for fancy colored diamond is quite intricate and specialized. The values of diamonds can change even when less volume is traded. Plus, the market forces which comprise of high demand and low supply are such that values can change even overnight. Moreover, the quality of diamonds which is mainly determined by the 4C’s – color, carat, clarity, and cut – has the greatest impact on the value of diamonds.

As a diamond seller, the first step that you have to take is to truly understand exactly what you possess. This means you have got to know your diamond inside out. Diamonds are basically valued using a grading system that even though it is well laid out, but the thing is that the diamond grading standards vary. Buyers give their offer depending on how they see the diamond. Thus, it is highly recommended that you get a firm grip over your diamond and know what grade it is.

You might have documentation or certificate as in a lab grading report that came with the diamond when you initially bought it. Use that as a starting point. If the report is from GIA or AGSL, then you can be sure of its credibility and know that it will be considered reliable in the market. However, in case the reports are not from reputable labs, then you might be in a pickle. Do note that the credibility of an “appraisal” document also depends on its origin: Seller-issued appraisals are frequently and notoriously inflated. A true independent appraisal from someone who is not part of the sale and who is considered an authority can be extremely beneficial.

That being said, you must keep in mind that it is possible that some nuances are not addressed in the lab report of your diamond, minor damage may have occurred to it, and industry standards, as well as market trends, may have changed over time, affecting the price of your diamond. So, let the buyers examine your diamond and make their offer. Having done your own research beforehand and knowing your diamond inside out will come in handy when you decide to either accept or reject the offer.

There are a number of different avenues you can turn to sell your diamonds. You can put classified ads on CraigList, The Trading Post, eBay, and even on newspapers etc. You can put it up even on social media. Finding the right platform for the quality of diamond that you have is often the most important aspect. eBay can prove to be a good option given that it is relatively inexpensive but note that there are way too many low cost, low grade and suspect items for anyone with a legitimately good quality diamond to even get recognition or interest in their diamond. Local classified do have the potential to do better because of the lower volume of items to search through and the ability for people to easily go and first view the item before they buy it. In a nutshell, you’ll have to figure out on your own depending on where you live and what you believe is the best option. Ask around, and you’ll be surprised by the help you can get. Note that you can also sell to a dealer at a diamond store or through a jeweler’s auction. But again, you’ll have to get your hands dirty for that. Dealing with such people is not an easy job, especially for a novice. However, there is nothing wrong with trying. Do pay them a visit and see what they have to say about your diamond. At the very least, it will give you a vague idea about what you can least expect your diamond to sell for. You can simply walk away or negotiate if you want. But again, for that, it is vital that you know your diamond and have an estimate of it’s worth.

Selling a diamond can be easy as well as quick, or it can be an excruciatingly painful and slow process, depending on how you go about it. It all depends on what you have, what your expectations are, which avenues you choose to sell, how good your selling skills are, and what your timelines are.

There is no doubt that fancy colored diamonds are among the rarest in the world and selling them for one reason or another can be quite hectic. This is where Talore Diamonds come in. Talore Diamonds is among the most experienced, professional, trusted, connected, and knowledgeable diamond organizations. Hence, they are in a unique position to buy colored diamonds from dealers and individual clients. Talore diamonds purchases loose diamonds as well as fancy colored diamonds set in jewelry. So, regardless of the type and color of diamond that you possess, be it fancy yellow diamond, fancy orange diamond, fancy purple diamond, fancy green diamond, or fancy blue diamond among others, you can get in touch with Talore Diamonds and obtain an in-depth accurate valuation.

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Fancy colored diamonds have a very particular and intricate global market. The low trading volumes determine their value and even minute changes in color can profoundly impact the cost.

At Talore Diamonds, we purchase Fancy Colored Diamonds that can be used as jewelry or loose stone. We make it a point to stock stones in all shapes and sizes to ensure that our customers can get exactly what they want.

Following are the colors that we buy: Fancy Green, Fancy Pink, Fancy Gray, Fancy Brown, Fancy Purple, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Orange, Fancy Chameleon, and Fancy Red.


We take GIA certificate copy to provide you with an accurate estimate of the price range for your diamond, saving you time and energy. The price range is set, keeping in mind the color grading (fancy vivid or light) as well as the rarity of the stones in the international market and the current rates.


Talore Diamonds deals in both jewelry and loose diamonds that are not certified by GIA. However, without the grading certainty of GIA, we are left with no choice but to provide a much broader price range that can only be narrowed down during the final grading.


We provide insured FedEx overnight service so the you can conveniently send us your diamonds for valuation. You can also visit our Contact Form and we will provide you a holistic valuation within 48 hours.


Prioritizing your comfort and valuing your time, we ensure that we provide our clients an accurate price estimate. All you need to do is fill out our valuation form or call us.

Here’s the complete explanation in five steps:

  1. THE FORM – Complete our valuation form online
  2. INITIAL VALUATION – Get your initial valuation via email or phone
  3. SHIP YOUR ITEMS – Make an appointment with us or send us your items via FedEx (Items will be fully insured and there will no shipment charges)
  4. EXPERT VALUATION – A final valuation and offer will be made by our team member
  5. DECISION – In case you accept, payment will be made within 24 hours


Talore Diamonds deals with industry participants, private customers and large corporations along with individual dealers. As a result of extensive size and connections, we have access to live price changes for goods of any category, including large colored diamonds. Therefore we guarantee you a competitive price for the stone that you are looking to purchase. Along with this, we do not compromise on ethical standards and ensure that we source conflict-free diamonds.


Found in India, Brazil, and Australia, Pink Diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds in the world. Differences in pressure and heat change the chemical composition and eventually brings out the pink color. The value of Fancy Pink Diamond increases as the intensity of color increases. Fancy pink diamonds range from light to vivid, with the latter being the most valuable as well as the rarest.


Blue Diamonds are also scarce, constituting approximately 0.1% of all fancy diamonds mined. They get their color by the boron particles that get trapped in the crystal lattice. They are classified as Type IIb. There is another type that is bluer because of the presence of hydrogen. The value of the blue diamonds increases as the intensity of color increases as they become even more rare and precious.


Green Colored Diamonds get their color due to radiation, mainly gamma, uranium, and beta radiation. The color is usually found in spots while sometimes the color might appear as natural. Intensely colored Green Diamonds are quite rare, but you can find and sell them at Talore Diamonds.


Fancy Red Diamonds fall in the same category of being rare and they are highly sought after. The color comes from defects in the chemical composition. Red diamonds don’t have a range of intensity so fancy vivid red is something that you won’t see. As the saturation of color increases, from light to fancy to fancy vivid, the price range also increases given that the latter ones are extremely rare and hence worth more.


If you are looking for a fancy and relatively cheap diamond, then Yellow Colored Fancy Diamond is made for you. The yellow hue of a diamond is the due to the presence of nitrogen. The value of fancy yellow diamond increases with the saturation of the color. But the value of Naturally Colored Diamond and that of Colored Treated Diamonds differ greatly, and Talore Diamonds deals only with Naturally Colored Diamond.


Fancy Orange Diamonds are rare than all other valuable Fancy Colored Diamonds (fancy pink, fancy blue and fancy green). The color comes from nitrogen and is usually modified by yellow, brown and pink. The intensity ranges from light to vivid and price changes accordingly. Drop us a message to know how much your orange diamond could be sold for.


Violet Diamonds are very rare and that’s clearly visible from the prices that they are sold for. They gain their color from the presence of hydrogen. They have a grey modifier, which is less valuable. They do not have a saturation level, just as is the case with fancy red diamonds.

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