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Green Diamonds for Investment

How to invest in Green Diamonds

The Magnificent Green Diamonds & Their Inherent Legacy

The legacy of the magnificent green hues in the green diamonds are anything but the usual, especially when compared to other diamonds.

If you’re wondering how the diamonds take this unusual natural color, well, there are two distinct ways:

  1. Where radioactive component, such as uranium, is transmitted in the stone.

While this may sound hazardous, during this cycle, the radioactive components typically response with the gem’s cross-sectional design and settle in its external layer, without hurting the balance of the gem itself.

vivid green diamond
  1. When the jewel inherits the green hues through the presence of nitrogen, hydrogen, and nickel components.

Such components respond to the courses of action of carbon molecules present in the precious stones, leading to a wonderful, distinct tint in the stone.

Yet, no matter the reason for their green hues, there is no denying that these diamonds are as beautiful as they come, and certainly as rare too.

Crowning The Green Diamonds As An A-Grade Investment

Over the past few years, the public interest in the ever-lasting green color diamonds has increased. This has boosted investments in the stone by a tenfold.

After the green diamond investment expanded critically, the Aurora Green tinted diamond saw a boost in their sales, becoming one of the costliest diamonds to sell to date, yielding around $3.3 million per carat.

These green colored diamonds have begun knocking off quite a lot of socks in the investment market, precisely due to their uncommon, alluring, and high pigmented hues.

vivid green blue diamond

Benefits Of Choosing The Striking Green Gems As Solid Investments

It has just been during the previous few decades that investors have really began to understand the genuine capability of this extravagant shaded jewel as an elective resource.

Such an increased interest has massively improved the diamond’s standing in the investment market, with tens of benefits in injecting money to the jewel.

  • A Smacking Price Evolution

Typically, in an investment market, a 10-year period is the bare minimum to see how a diamond is gaining value. Subsequently, one should investigate the top selling green diamonds at closeout during the previous decade, in order to determine their price evolution.

One such diamond, which broke all closing records in terms of investment was a 2.52 carat fancy, vivid green diamond back in 2009, accomplishing a strong $3.08 million, yielding $1.22 million per carat.

Fast forwarding five years, the striking green jewels rose even further.

fancy green diamond

The same vivid green diamonds were being referred to as “the Ocean Dream”, exhibiting hues ranging from deep blue’s to deep green’s, tipping the scales at 5.51 carats. The diamond was sold for a whooping amount of $8.63 million.

Hence, it can be easily noted that the green diamonds have seen a noteworthy price evolution, making them singlehandedly the best investment for years to come.

  • A Boost In The Overall Market Demand

Not too long ago, diamond sellers would contend that extravagant green diamonds are fit more for diamond collectors as opposed to investors.

Be that as it may, the increment in recognition and worth capability of these eminent stones kept on seeing an ascent, making them fit for investment in the times to come with an overall boost in the market demand.

The critical expansion in common green precious stone costs over the most recent couple of years alone is now a solid sign that this tone, which was once not consigned to the investment domain, is gradually turning into a genuine demand.

  • Absolutely Rare, Pure Beauties In The Gem World

The pure beautiful tones of the green diamonds make up the greatest benefit for investors, precisely because of their extraordinary tones and high market demand.

Such rarity has put these precious green gems way above that of the pink and red diamonds, ensuring their high investment value for the years to come.

Guidelines for Choosing Investment Grade Green Diamonds

The best investment grade diamonds are precious stones that have some remarkable attributes that can survive or possibly limit the cons and dangers engaged with the speculation of investing in diamonds.

Such high-quality gems are met with better opportunities to increase in value over longer periods of time.

To make sure you’re able to choose the best of the best, go over the following standards, which can become a successful guide in helping you attain the most magnificent green diamonds in the market:

  • The more grounded the tones, the better!

Try getting a hold of intense green hues when selecting your favorite green diamond, as these increase in value the most over time.

  • Some shapes are more sought-after than others and can make great resale price.

Avoid sporadic shapes like a kite or a three-sided gem and opt for normal round or square shape. If you’re looking for something unique, go for princess, pad cut, or a brilliant oval shape, as these attract more eyes than the others.

  • Deeper sparkles

Although a diamond is a diamond, having the ultimate value in the market for gems; its value still varies between each cut and stone. Some diamonds are built better than others, having better quality and being graded better for investments.

For example, green diamonds that are heavier and have a deeper hue tend to sale for higher than those that are lighter. Similarly, those that naturally sparkle more than their counterparts tend to attract more investors.

  • Authenticity

At the end, and most importantly, ensure you have a GIA certification. It is undeniably the best way to genuinely understand what you are purchasing.

Likewise, your purchaser would need to see it too, making it an easier sale in the future.

vivid green diamond gia

The Final Verdict: To Invest or Not To Invest

Considering the increasing recognition and demand for green diamonds over time, it is safe to say that there is no better time to start investing in these vivid striking diamonds than right now!

With every passing day, the value of your green diamond will increase, becoming higher than ever in the coming years.

What can be better than that from an investor’s point of view? It is time to go green – in all forms!

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