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With Valentines’ day just around the corner, here is our guide to the Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings in the Quality Diamonds Collection…

From elegant and simple, to bold and complex, the Quality Diamonds Collection features Heart Shaped diamond rings to suite all Valentine styles and budgets.

HEART CLARA in 18K WHITE GOLD – the heart shape diamond has a lot of sparkle and shine, add it to any event to show the glance

Inspired by the Latin word for Bright, Our Classic Solitaire Clara features an elegant double gallery with three delicate claws complimenting the Heart Cut Diamond. The tapering shoulders narrowing along with the subtle split of the band shows off the stone beautifully.

The most romantic diamond shape for your love is for sure the heart shape.

we have a big range of heart shape with very special color like a

heart shape chameleon diamond Chameleon heart shape diamond

heart shape fancy deep pink diamond ringa heart shape fancy deep pink diamond ring

fancy pink diamond heart pendantand also a diamond shape special fancy pink diamond pendant

fancy gray diamond heart shapea fancy gray heart shape diamond

The modified brilliant cut heart shape diamonds are a unique and symbolic sign of love.

Heart shape diamond is very popular in solitaire pendants as well as engagement rings. When choosing a heart shape diamond, the symmetry is very important, since it is critical that the two halves of the heart are identical. The cleft (between the two lobes) should be sharp and clear, and the sides (the wings as they curve down to the point) should have a very slightly rounded shape.

a heart shape diamonds for the valentine day for a birthday or for anniversary day is the best gift for her to show your love , we never heard about  a women who didn’t liked her diamond ring so go for it with 100% satisfaction.

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