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Red Diamonds – The rarest diamond in the world

Find out About Red Diamonds

diamonds can happen in practically all shades of the range, with yellow being the most well-known of all the extravagant hued precious stones. Albeit all common extravagant hued diamonds are incredibly uncommon, none are more so than the red diamonds. Found for the most part in Africa, Australia and Brazil, red diamonds are uncommon to such an extent that just around twenty to thirty genuine red diamonds are known to exist and most are not exactly a large portion of a carat in size.

What makes a diamond red in shading?

Not at all like other extravagant shading diamonds that get their shading from contaminations such a nitrogen and borono, red diamonds are made simply from carbon, much the same as lackluster precious stones. The red shade of the precious stone is made by an uncommon event in its nuclear structure. Discover increasingly about how diamonds are shaped.

At the point when a red precious stone is recovered from underground and light is permitted to go through the unpredictable cross section, the uncommon twisting of the light makes the diamonds mirror a ruby-like shading.

Red diamonds appear to be unique in different lighting situations. They look best in sunshine and candlelight and they look most exceedingly awful in bright light. Blue hued diamonds show the specific inverse properties in these diverse lighting conditions.

natural loose red diamond

Common extravagant red diamonds are reviewed by the force of their shading and range from dull pink to purplish red. The more grounded the tint, the more noteworthy the estimation of the diamond.

What amount would they say they are worth?

The more uncommon a precious stone is, the more wanted and significant it is. As per forecasts, red diamond swill turn out to be significantly increasingly uncommon and subsequently their cost is relied upon to twofold in the following couple of years. Today, the cost for a characteristic extravagant red diamond once in a while begins under $100 000 (around R925 00) for anything above 0.20ct.

Well known red diamonds

hancock precious stone

The Hancock Red Diamond

The Hancock Red Diamond is a round splendid cut precious stone weighing 0.95ct and was named after the acclaimed authority, Warren Hancock. This characteristic extravagant red precious stone isn’t renowned for its size but instead for its uncommon purplish red shading. In 1956, Mr. Hancock purportedly paid $13,500 (roughly R125 000) for this diamond and was sold for $880,000 (around R8million) in 1987.

Red precious stone

The Rob Red

The Rob Red is a pear molded, 0.59ct extravagant red, VS1 clearness diamond. It has been portrayed by an extravagant shading master as the most immersed and most flawless red diamond estimated outwardly and instrumentally to date on the planet.

Moussaieff precious stone

The Moussaieff Red Diamond

Initially known as the “Red Shield”, the Moussaieff Red is a triangular splendid cut or trilliant-cut, extravagant red, inside immaculate (IF), 5.11ct diamond. It was found during the 1990s by a Brazilian rancher in the Abzetezinho River. In 2001, the Moussaieff adornments firm obtained this diamond for $8million (roughly R74million). It’s the biggest red precious stone on the planet today.

natural fancy red diamond

Preeminent Purple diamonds

The Supreme Purple Star

The round splendid cut, 2 to 5 carat, profound purple Supreme Purple Star precious stone is an investigation in singularity. The specific shading and clearness of the precious stone have not been uncovered. When taking a gander at the precious stone from one point, it seems to have a profound purple shading; notwithstanding, when the diamond is pivoted in the light, the shading changes to a profound to striking purplish red.

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Red Diamonds – The rarest of all

How Much Red Diamond?

In 1987, the first gem quality called the Hancock Red sold for over $926,000 per carat!

“Pure” red diamonds are so rare and disproportionately priced that they are generally beyond the scope of celebrity life and are rarely found above 1 Carat. As an example, this SI2 Clarity grade 0.71 Carat Fancy Red Diamond Radiant is priced at $ 603,600!

Argyle red diamond

Fancy Red Diamonds

it’s anything but difficult to perceive a precious stone. Stroll along London’s reality acclaimed Bond Street, home of the most persuasive gem dealers, and one is right away hypnotized by uncommon jewels in hues running from whites and yellows to pinks and even the intermittent blue flickering in a shop window. Could some other precious stone be rarer than this contribution? The appropriate response is yes. Red precious stones take irregularity to a completely new level. Driving the forthcoming on the web just sale Jewels Online: Part II is simply such an uncommon find – a ring highlighting a 0.19 carat Fancy Red precious stone surrounded in white and pink precious stones.

red-precious diamond

Not broadly known or perceived, red precious stones are a puzzler. Thought about the world’s most valuable gemstone, they are hardly accessible on the precious stone market, and just 30 normal red jewels are known to exist on the planet. Their irregularity is directed essentially. The remarkable arrangement of concoction components found inside these gemstones administers their shading, esteem, and eventually, attractive quality.

What makes a precious stone red? This is really a unimaginable inquiry to reply, as there is no polluting influence that causes its shading, just the proof that these precious stones include a transformation inside their gem cross section that adjusts the stone’s atomic structure. Red precious stones exist in just one shading power – Fancy – in spite of the fact that their lucidity extend from Flawless to Included, similarly as other hued jewels.

argyle red diamond

Extravagant RED DIAMOND, PINK DIAMOND AND DIAMOND RING. Gauge: 50,000-70,000 GBP.


An unadulterated Fancy Red jewel without any suggestions or optional shades of purple, pink, orange or dark colored is the most important and alluring. This rich red shading is engaging for its irregularity as well as for its significance everywhere throughout the world. In China, red is the most favorable shading symbolizing karma; in India it symbolizes virtue; and all around red is the shade of affection. It is hard to discover red precious stones in sizes more than 1 carat. The biggest red jewel that is realized today is the Red Moussaieff Diamond, weighing 5.11 carats, Fancy Red and Internally Flawless.

Not many individuals will ever observe considerably less handle a red precious stone in their lifetime. Its beguiling life structures make it one of nature’s most enchanted peculiarities. In Sotheby’s Jewels Online: Part II online-just sale, a lively 0.19 carat Fancy Red precious stone is circled in white and pink precious stones at an expected £50,000-70,000 without a moment to spare for observing Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year.

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