Chameleon Diamond 1.00ct Natural Loose Fancy Green Yellow Color Diamond GIA Pear


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Product Description

Retail Price – $12,000
Item Stock Number – 31672388
Certificate Number – GIA 1287248989
Shape – Pear
Carat Weight – 1.00ct
Measurements – 7.73×5.33×3.27
Color – Fancy Deep Greenish Yellow, Chameleon
Clarity – Si2
Treatment – None
Cut Grade – VG
Polish – VG
Symmetry – VG


Total Carat Weight (TCW)



Diamond Color

Fancy Color

Country of Origin


Stone Creation





Total Carat Weight

Country/Region of Manufacture

secondary color




Suitable For

Number of Diamonds

Availability: In stock

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Chameleon Diamond 1.00ct Natural Loose Fancy Green Yellow Color Diamond GIA Pear

Availability: In stock