invest in color diamonds

The best investment in coronavirus time

The best investment in coronavirus time is

colored diamonds


The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that Coronavirus disease also referred to as Covid-19 – an infectious disease caused by a new kind of virus that initially originated in China – is bound to get worse. It is being said that the virus is only in its initial stages and overtime will spread worldwide and pick up pace. Now this is alarming to say the least not only because it will have a profound adverse affect on the global economy but also because lives of everyone will be at great risk.

Let’s be honest. The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken us to our very core and made us realize how fragile we all our and how little does the materialistic things matters. From world leaders to the poorest of the poor, all are at risk. While the question on top of everyone’s mind is how and when will a vaccine be made and how everyone can safeguard themselves, a majority is also concerned with protecting their financial wealth during this uncertain and turbulent time.

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To be honest, they are not being impractical. The sharp decline and high volatility in the equity and forex markets have raised concerns for investors around the globe and rightly so.

These are desperate times and hence, flight to quality – movement of capital from riskier investments to safer ones – is the top priority of investors. However, on top of this, investors also want handsome returns and liquidity.

Well, why wouldn’t they? It is their money and like everyone else they want to see it grow regardless of the circumstances.

So, comes the question of what is the best investment in Coronavirus time.

The highly anticipated answer to this question is: Colored diamonds .

While this may comes as a shock to some and an obvious statement to others, it must be noted that diamonds are a rare commodity that is not only highly demanded but also in low supply. Their intrinsic value that not only comes from their stunning appeal as well as unique nature but also from the fact that they are formed over millions of years due to natural processes is bound to increase overtime. Hence, investors can safely resort to them as an investment option.

Colored diamonds are diamonds that when viewed in a face-up position appear to have a noticeable body color. Now this color can vary from brown and yellow which are relatively common to pink, blue, red, green, violet, and even black color that are considered extremely rare. For instance, out of one-hundred thousand colored diamonds, only a selective few will have one of the extremely rare color.

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It must be noted that natural diamonds are a mineral and a rare commodity that is a form of crystalline carbon. While colorless diamonds are composed entirely of carbon and they have a perfect crystalline structure, colored diamonds accumulate a number of defects during their evolution within the Earth’s crust.

But, what use are defects and why are we talking about them? This is because defects modify the way light passes through the diamonds. They can cause the diamond to selectively absorb various wavelengths of light and transmit others. Now, given that each wavelength of light leads to a different color, the process of absorption and transmition of wavelength of lights determines the diamond’s color and how it is visible to eye of the observer.

A perfect combination of distincton, mesermizing beauty, and high demand by buyers drives the prices of colored diamonds. Depending on the color, carat, cut, and clarity of colored diamonds, the prices vary. While the rarest color diamonds can literally sell for millions of dollars per carat, there are some colored diamonds that are affordable. Obviously, they are not as rare and their colors are usually brown, gray, or black. Yellow diamonds on average sell for anywhere from five to fifteen thousand per carat in case their total weight is less than 2 carats. Next in the price range comes blue, green, and pink diamonds after which come the orange, violet, and red colored diamonds. These usually sell for more than one-hundred thousand dollars and the premium ones can even go beyond the million mark. Note than when it comes to price, apart from the 4C’s mentioned above, color saturation and uniformity of the color across the face of the stone are also vital factors that have a big say.

Normally, colored diamonds are bought by customers in either ready-made jewelry or get them specially designed into customized jewelry. No doubt, such people greatly value the prized possession that a colored diamond is. In addition to regular customers, museums and gem collectors also purchase colored diamonds since they are a big attraction for people. Last but not the least, are the investors. They purchase colored diamonds since they consider it as a viable investment option. Now, it is true that the limited supply and public interest as well as speculation of prices has led to a tremendous and steady increase in the prices of colored diamonds these past few years and this trend is expected to continue. However, it is recommended that in case you are an investor, you should do your homework beforehand and research about the diamonds as well as it’s future prospects before you make a purchase.


investment on coronavirus time
When the stock market is crashed the best place to put the money on is color diamonds

Coming back to the recent calamity that we are facing – Coronavirus disease – and how this crucial time period is an opportunity for those who proactively take matters into their own hands.

Now what needs to be understood is there are not a lot of good investment options during this critical time period we are in. Even fewer are avenues where you can put your money in so that at the very least it doesn’t lose any value.

So, what are you waiting for?

Invest in colored diamonds today. You’ll be patting yourself on the back if you did just like the investors who invested in colored diamonds back in the financial crisis of 2008.

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