when market is crash buy diamonds

the best place to put your money when market is crashing

When the market is crashing the best place to put your money is in colored diamonds

A recession is looming, and it is unavoidable now. Such is the wrath of Coronavirus that economies worldwide are under immense pressure. Safe to say, it is the primary threat to financial markets and the global economy. Markets have been rocked as evident by the declining stock prices and bond yields. 

So, amidst all this uncertainty and volatility, what is the best place to put your money in?

Isn’t that the very question on top of your mind in addition to how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during this time period?

The answer to this question is colored diamonds .

diamonds in coronavirus time

While this might sound surprising initially, it wouldn’t after you give this blog a read.

Diamonds are crisis resistant. Their prices increase over time mainly because of their limited supply and huge interest as well as demand from people around the globe. What’s more is that it is predicted that the upwards trend in prices of diamonds is likely to accelerate in the future. 

If you go back and look at the data of the financial crisis in 2008, you would see that while all financial instruments such as shares, bonds, futures contracts and even assets decreased, the prices of diamonds remained stable. Such was also the case during the time period of dot com bubble as well as the 1987 stock market crash. 

One look at the prices of diamonds over time will tell you that the prices are on an upward trend and this is even more evident for larger diamonds. In general, this is because diamonds are becoming even scarcer. So, regardless of whether the times are good or bad, they are an ideal investment option. What do you think?

invest in color diamonds

In desperate times, people put their money in avenues they think are safe. For a while, seeking high returns or ensuring high liquidity – ease of turning the investment into cash – goes out the window. This is mainly because prices are falling and money loses its value during dark times.

Hence, people want to firstly protect their assets, and if in doing so they can get a good return then that’s like cherry on top of the cake. To do just that, people turn to commodities for they are relatively safer and can be sold in times of need. Investing in colored diamonds in a prime example of putting your money in the commodities. It is a popular choice given that the value of diamonds remains at the very least stable even in uncertain times. 

Colored diamonds are freaks of nature. They are as beautiful as they are expensive. Only one in every ten thousand diamonds mined turns out to be a colored diamond. And of these colored diamonds, only a handful of the rarest are found each year. As a rule, we can say that the rarer a diamond is, the higher its price will be.


Since colored diamonds are the rarest among rare stones, they are always very valuable. Colored diamonds command exceptionally high prices and their value can range into hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.


Some colored diamonds are found in a larger quantity than others. For example, the elegant yellow diamonds are considered one of the more common. Yellow diamonds on average sell for anywhere from five to fifteen thousand per carat in case their total weight is less than 2 carats. Blue, purple or pink stones are considered relatively rarer and hence more valuable. The blue, green, and pink diamonds come next in the price range to yellow diamonds after which come the orange, violet, and red colored diamonds. These usually sell for more than one-hundred thousand dollars and the premium ones can even go beyond the million mark.

With a rising middle class in a number of countries such as Brazil, India, Russia, and China, the demand for colored diamonds has soared as they have become more popular. Not only are diamonds seen as gems that can be used in jewelry of all kinds be it engagement rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings but they are also viewed by a majority as lucrative investment options. 

The price of colored diamonds has always been high. There is no doubt about it. With prices sometimes ranging into the millions, colored diamonds are seen not just as luxury possessions or an everlasting token of love but also as an investment option be it in booms or recessions. 

safe place to make money


Diamonds have always been seen as precious. Their value is determined by the cut, clarity, color and carat value of the stone. But the actual price of diamonds varies according to fluctuations in economic activity. Disposable income, changing market trends as well as consumer demands are all factors that in one way or another determine the price of diamonds. Also, it is important to note that diamonds hold more value if they are certified or verified as natural by a gem expert and if they are rare

With their gorgeous and exquisite facades and rarity value, coupled with high demand and low supply, color diamonds are set to become more valuable with the course of time. 


So, now is the perfect time to get your hands on color diamonds.


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Time is off essence especially when the markets are crashing. Be proactive and put your money in a place that’s not only safe but that can also provide good returns.

However, it must be noted that past trends are in no way indicative of what is to follow in the future. Each and every investment carries risk. After all, that is how the return you get are justified. The investment decision rests with you – the investor – and only you. Be responsible, do your research beforehand, and proactively seek the opportunity that is presented to you. 


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