The Many Shapes and Shades of Blue Diamond

Diamond varies in colors and shapes depending on their nature and structure. Every colored diamond has different shades, and they are cut in different ways that enhance their clarity and cause them shine.

As far as the mystical blue colored diamonds are concerned they come in deep blue color to light blue sky color.

Here’s some detailed information about the shades and shapes of the blue diamond.

blue diamond

Shades of Blue Diamond

According to the GIA, the grading scale for the blue diamond ranges between fancy dark blue, light blue, faintly blue, greyish blue and greenish blue. And the intensity of these color ranges depends on the nature of the diamond. The blue is made up of carbon atom but possesses a small number of the boron element trapped in its structure. As the amount of boron increases, it increases the intensity levels of the blue color.

Example of the dark blue fancy diamond is the Hope diamond. Along with that, the blue diamonds have names that are very specific to their colors like baby blue, midnight, or navy blue colored diamond. Commonly found secondary colors in blue diamond include the blue-green and grey-blue colored diamond.

Cuts and Shapes

Moving on to the shapes of the diamond, as other colored diamonds, blue diamonds are also cut into different shapes. Among all the shapes like princess cut and brilliant cut, the most common ones among the blue diamonds are the radiant shapes and cushion shapes.

If you really like blue diamonds , then you can go for any shape and color as they have a wide variety ranging from dark hues to light in different shapes. You can opt for anyone according to your taste and liking.

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