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Tips to Buy Fancy Colored Diamond Ring like a Pro


Are you looking for a diamond ring to gift your partner? Or are you planning to surprise your daughter on her birthday? Have no ideas how to go about buying the perfect fancy colored ring like a pro?

Don’t worry. Talore Diamonds  has got you covered! Here we present you some tips to help you get your hands on an ideal ring for yourself or your loved one.

1. Learn know-how of Diamonds

The first step is to make yourself familiar with the basics of buying a quality diamond. Start from the 4Cs of the diamond. If you want lightweight and cheap diamonds then go for fewer carats. Secondly, look for clarity and cut. Due to modifiers, fancy colored diamonds have a range of colors, and remember that the cutting can be done according to your taste.

2. Look for the Style

If you do not know about the style or the favorite color of your loved one, then you need to catch up on that. It will help you narrow down your choices, keeping you in your budget.

3. Choose the Metal

Now that you have chosen the color and the shape of the diamond go about selecting the best quality metal that will enhance the diamond’s look even further. Most importantly choose the one that does not get eroded quickly.

4. Look for reliable vendors

Sure, you want to make an informed decision but you also don’t want to pay more for something that’s not worth that much money. So, before you go on shopping, ask around for the best and reliable vendors. You might also want to get a discount; therefore, asks your relatives about the vendors they go to.

5. Right Size

Now that you are finally going to order your ring, make sure about the size of the ring because, without the perfect size, the ring would seem useless and might get you into trouble. So, to avoid such a situation try to figure out the size of your loved one ahead of time.

6. Choose your Color

and the most important step is to choose your color the intensity and the secondary color, when it comes to fancy color diamonds you can choose the diamond by the color you like by the rarity and the unique tone, if you like the pink blue yellow or green you need to know the intensity of the color – for super strong color you need fancy intense or fancy vivid , if you want to see the color in the diamond but no so visible and strong you probably need the fancy range or fancy light, if you have any questions and need a suggestion do not hesitate to contact us and our agent will help you to choose the right diamond for you.

Implement these tips and shop diamond rings like a pro.

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