What are the rarest colors in diamonds?

Diamonds are eye-catching and breathtakingly beautiful. But did you know that there’s a hierarchy even in diamonds? This is because there exists a range of colored diamonds from natural colorless diamonds to fancy colored diamonds such as pink, red, blue, and orange diamonds. The fancy colored diamonds are rare as compared to some common diamonds such as the brown colored ones. Why? Well, because they are scarce and have some unique properties that most other diamonds do not.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the rarest colored diamonds.

Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds are considered to be the rarest colored diamonds. Hence, they are regarded as prized possessions. They are mined from a selective few locations worldwide, and Argyle Diamond mine of Australia is one of them. The most popular among the red diamonds includes Moussaieff Red and the Hancock Red.

red diamond

Pink Diamonds

The pink diamond is considered the second rare diamond in the world. Having feminine and loving appeal, pink diamonds are famous among women. The popular category of a pink diamond includes Graff Pink, Perfect pink and Steinmetz Pink. Natural fancy pink diamonds are the rarest while secondary shades are relatively common. Secondary colors of pink diamond are formed due to the variation in the intensities of the natural pink color. These secondary colors are found easily as compared to natural pink diamonds. argyle pink diamond

Blue Diamonds

Just like pink diamonds, blue diamonds are on the second number in the list of the rarest colored diamonds. However, it is said that pink diamonds are a little more common than blue ones. Among the blue diamonds, the famous ones are Wittelsbach Graff diamond and Hope Diamond. Natural blue colored diamonds are considerably rare and hence, priced accordingly. Similar to other secondary colored diamonds, the hue of a blue diamond is also commonly compared to the purest form of blue diamonds and are relatively common.

blue diamond

Orange Diamonds

Pure orange colored diamond also falls in the category of the rarest colored diamond. An orange colored diamond is between yellow and brown colored shades, but it is unique because it is more limited than yellow and brown diamonds. Again, orange diamonds with secondary hues are common.

The orange color is caused by the combination of structural irregularities and trace elements such as nitrogen. Pumpkin Orange diamond is the most popular category of the orange colored diamond.

Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are extremely rare , the green color in diamonds comes from natural irradiation, the green diamonds are very popular these days and the price of the green diamond is increased every year what makes it a great investment

green diamond

gray diamond

Gray Diamonds

Diamonds are notorious for being a woman’s best friend, but exactly how many kinds of diamonds are there? We are used to seeing clear diamonds

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