Why are Round Diamonds more Expensive ?

Many loose diamonds shapes are popular, but none are more popular or expensive than the classic, round-shaped diamonds.

If you don’t believe that, then consider this statistic: Some of the round shaped diamonds are around 30% costlier than the other shapes.

Yes, that’s absolutely true and here’s why:

Shine and Finish

One aspect of a diamond that elevates its status is the shine. The highest quality ones have a brilliant shine and finish. The round-shaped diamond has the best shine hands-down, compared to any diamond in the world. It has 58 facets which are placed in a way that allows light to be divided throughout the diamond in the best possible way which ensures this shine. This is one of the major factors for its expensiveness.


Another reason for the high price of the round diamond is its fame. They are high in demand and take in the most revenue for the sellers. The simple supply-demand concept means that round diamonds come in with a hefty price tag.

Shape and Cut

Diamonds need to be cut to refine their shape. The rough patches/stone is cut and discarded, leaving behind a properly shaped diamond. Similarly, the round diamond is also carved for its shape; however, it requires a lot of cutting, which takes more time and skill. This adds to its cost and hence, the price.

The round-cut diamond also comes with certain benefits. Their shape allows them to hide certain imperfections which are not possible with other diamonds. Also, the round-diamonds allow certain color options which enhance the appearance without losing out on the brilliant shine. These things make it more popular and, in turn, relatively more expensive than other diamonds.

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