natural purple diamond

Purple diamonds trends in 2020

Purple diamonds , also referred to as plum diamonds, orchid diamonds, lilac diamonds, lavender diamonds, grape diamonds, and mauve diamonds. They are glorious due to their great aesthetics, royal beauty, and mesmerizing appeal. Hence, it goes without saying that they are highly demanded by people around the globe and as a result they command tremendous …

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argyle diamonds

Argyle Diamonds – All you need to know

Table of Contents What is Argyle Mine? History of Argyle Mine Origin of Argyle Diamonds Natural formation process of Diamond Pure Diamond Colored Diamonds Exceptionality in Pink Diamond formation Synthetic Diamond formation Extraction process of Diamond Sorting Basis of Diamond (4Cs) Color (Hue, Tone, Saturation) Clarity Cut Carat Value of Argyle Diamond Argyle Diamond Intensity …

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want to buy color diamond

Where To Buy Colored Diamonds ?

Want To Buy Fancy Color Diamond ? There is something extremely captivating and attractive about colored diamonds. Isn’t there? Maybe it’s the opportunity it provides to stand out in a crowd and make a personal statement of style, nobility, and glamor. Maybe it is the fact that it is unique as well as rare – …

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