Fancy Color Diamonds

Green Diamonds for Investment

How to invest in Green Diamonds The Magnificent Green Diamonds & Their Inherent Legacy The legacy of the magnificent green hues in the green diamonds are anything but the usual, especially when compared to other diamonds. If you’re wondering how the diamonds take this unusual natural color, well, there are two distinct ways: Where radioactive …

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Argyle pink diamond

Argyle Diamonds For Sell Online

Argyle pink diamonds are the best investment you can find today. here you can find some more information on the argyle diamonds history and how you can get one for yourswlf. A few decades ago, Australia was not regarded as a major source of diamonds. But geologists were determined for that to change. Despite the …

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intense green diamond

The Value Of Green Diamonds

The color green does not come to mind when thinking of diamonds; however, green diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds to exist in the world. They are somewhat tricky to come across, with almost all of them found in South American mines, among a few exceptions found in Africa. Green diamonds are often underestimated …

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argyle diamond

The Argyle Diamond Phenomena

Diamonds are a marvel of nature formed over billions of years.  They begin as carbon atoms that crystallize under severe pressure and extremely high temperatures deep below the surface layers of the world.  Then, as magma forms and forces them out, they emerge on the surface. Colored Diamonds Diamonds are considered as one of the …

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