0.22ct Violet Diamond Necklace & Pendant GIA Round Fancy Gray Violet Color 18K


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Retail Price – $18,500
Item Stock Number – V46452765789
Certificate Number – Gia 13579114
Shape – Round
Carat Weight – 0.12ct Center
Color – Fancy Gray Violet
Clarity – SI1
Treatment – None
Cut Grade – VG
Polish – VG
Symmetry – VG
Metal – 18K White Gold
Brilliant-cut diamonds and a brilliant-cut Fancy Grey-Violet diamond, weighing 0.12 carat.
with partial UK hallmarks, lengths – pendant 2.5cm, chain 39.5cm



Elegant Rarity: The Violet Pendant

Discover the allure of rarity with our exceptional Violet Pendant, a stunning combination of grace and uniqueness.

Key Features:

  • Retail Price – $18,500: This pendant is an investment in elegance and exclusivity.
  • Item Stock Number – V46452765789: An exclusive identifier for a one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Certificate Number – GIA 13579114: Certified for quality and authenticity, ensuring you possess a genuine masterpiece.
  • Shape – Round: The Round shape is timeless and versatile, creating a classic design that complements any style.
  • Carat Weight – 0.12ct Center: This pendant features a 0.12 carat center diamond, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Color – Fancy Gray Violet: The Fancy Gray Violet color is a testament to the captivating and unique hues found in rare gemstones.
  • Clarity – SI1: With a clarity grade of SI1, the diamond in this pendant showcases natural features that add character and depth to its enchanting appearance.
  • Treatment – None: The diamond is untreated, preserving its natural beauty and authenticity.
  • Cut Grade – VG (Very Good): The Very Good cut grade signifies that the diamond has been expertly cut to maximize its brilliance, ensuring it captures and reflects light in a way that truly dazzles.
  • Polish – VG (Very Good): A Very Good polish ensures the diamond’s surface is smooth and gleaming, enhancing its stunning appearance.
  • Symmetry – VG (Very Good): A Very Good symmetry grade guarantees perfect proportions and alignment of facets, creating a visually harmonious gem.
  • Metal – 18K White Gold: Crafted in the enduring and precious metal, 18K white gold, this pendant is both elegant and lasting.
  • Brilliant-cut diamonds and a brilliant-cut Fancy Grey-Violet diamond, weighing 0.12 carat: This pendant features a Fancy Grey-Violet center diamond and additional brilliant-cut diamonds, combining brilliance with uniqueness.
  • With partial UK hallmarks, lengths – pendant 2.5cm, chain 39.5cm: The pendant bears partial UK hallmarks, a symbol of its quality, and comes with a chain measuring 39.5cm.

This Violet Pendant is a rare and captivating treasure, perfect for those who appreciate the allure of uniqueness and the extraordinary colors found in the world of gemstones. Whether you’re searching for a distinctive addition to your collection, an investment piece, or a symbol of timeless elegance, this pendant is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptional piece. Its extraordinary beauty and unique hue make it an outstanding centerpiece in any jewelry collection, a cherished heirloom, or a symbol of timeless elegance. Embrace the beauty and rarity it embodies and make it yours today.



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0.22ct Violet Diamond Necklace & Pendant GIA Round Fancy Gray Violet Color 18K

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