1.15ct Pink Diamond – Natural Loose Fancy Orangy Pink Color GIA VVS1 Radiant


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Product Description

Introducing a truly exceptional Radiant-Cut Diamond, a harmonious blend of rarity and elegance that transcends conventional beauty.

Diamond Details:

  • Retail Price: $78,000
  • Stock Number: GMFBOP35PC
  • Certificate Number: 5222857246
  • Shape: Radiant
  • Carat Weight: 1.15ct
  • Measurements: 6.31 x 5.40 x 3.64

Gemological Information:

  • Color: Fancy Brownish Orangy Pink
  • Clarity: VVS1
  • Treatment: None, 100% Natural
  • Cut Grade: EX
  • Polish: VG
  • Symmetry: G

Description: Immerse yourself in the splendor of our Radiant-Cut Diamond, a masterpiece that encapsulates the rare beauty of nature. With a refined carat weight of 1.15ct and meticulous measurements of 6.31 x 5.40 x 3.64, this diamond is a celebration of exquisite craftsmanship.

Certified with number 5222857246, this diamond assures authenticity and uncompromising quality. The Radiant shape, characterized by its brilliant faceting, adds a contemporary allure to this exceptional gem.

The Fancy Brownish Orangy Pink color is a captivating symphony of warm tones, creating a visual feast for the eyes. The VVS1 clarity ensures unparalleled transparency, allowing light to dance freely within the stone.

Crafted with precision, this diamond is untreated and 100% natural, preserving the authenticity of its color and clarity. The EX cut grade, VG polish, and G symmetry elevate its brilliance, ensuring a mesmerizing play of light from every angle.

Whether adorning an engagement ring or gracing a bespoke jewelry piece, this Fancy Brownish Orangy Pink Radiant-Cut Diamond is an embodiment of rarity and sophistication. Revel in the timeless beauty of this radiant gem, destined to be a cherished symbol of luxury and elegance.

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1.15ct Pink Diamond – Natural Loose Fancy Orangy Pink Color GIA VVS1 Radiant

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