Argyle 0.18ct Natural Loose Fancy Intense Pink Color Diamond Emerald 4PR Certed


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Product Description

Retail Price – $24,000
Item Stock Number – 5438909916
Certificate Number – Argyle – 358691, GIA 1176105783
Shape – Emerald
Carat Weight – 0.18ct
Measurements – 4.34×2.42×1.71
Color – 4PR, Fancy Intense Pink
Clarity – P1
Treatment – None
Cut Grade – VG
Polish – VG
Symmetry – VG



Radiant Elegance: The Emerald Argyle Diamond

Retail Price: $24,000

Item Stock Number: 5438909916

Certificate Number: Argyle – 358691, GIA 1176105783

Behold the beauty of the Emerald Argyle Diamond, a rare gem that captures the essence of elegance and natural artistry.

Key Features:

Shape – Emerald: The Emerald shape is celebrated for its sleek, rectangular design, and it adds a unique, timeless elegance to any piece of jewelry.

Carat Weight – 0.18ct: While it may be petite in carat weight, this diamond’s value lies in its exclusivity, making it a captivating addition to any collection.

Measurements – 4.34×2.42×1.71: Precisely measured to maximize its brilliance, these dimensions ensure it radiates with captivating light.

Color – 4PR, Fancy Intense Pink: With a 4PR grade for Fancy Intense Pink, this diamond reflects the vibrant and unique colors that only nature can create.

Clarity – P1: A P1 clarity grade indicates the presence of natural features, which only add character and depth to the diamond’s overall allure.

Treatment – None: This diamond is completely untreated, preserving its natural beauty and authenticity.

Cut Grade – VG (Very Good): The Very Good cut grade signifies that this diamond has been expertly cut to maximize its brilliance, ensuring it captures and reflects light in a way that truly dazzles.

Polish – VG (Very Good): A Very Good polish ensures the diamond’s surface is smooth and gleaming, enhancing its stunning appearance.

Symmetry – VG (Very Good): A Very Good symmetry grade guarantees perfect proportions and alignment of facets, creating a visually harmonious gem.

This Emerald Argyle Diamond is a rare and captivating treasure, ideal for those who appreciate the allure of nature’s craftsmanship. Whether you’re seeking a unique addition to your collection, a symbol of your unique style and taste, or an elegant gift, this diamond is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Seize the opportunity to own this exceptional gem. Its extraordinary beauty and classic shape make it an exquisite centerpiece in any jewelry collection, a cherished gift, or a symbol of timeless elegance. Embrace the beauty and rarity it embodies and make it yours today.


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