Pink Diamond 0.63ct Natural Loose Fancy Purple Pink Color Diamond GIA Pear


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Product Description

Retail Price – $22,500
Item Stock Number – P7469238513
Certificate Number – GIA 2377114871
Shape – Pear
Carat Weight – 0.63ct
Color – Fancy Purplish Pink
Clarity – SI2
Treatment – None
Cut Grade – VG
Polish – VG
Symmetry – VG


Introducing a rare and captivating gem that encapsulates elegance and uniqueness: The Fancy Purplish Pink Pear-Shaped Diamond. With a retail price of $22,500, this exquisite jewel is a testament to both craftsmanship and nature’s wonders.

Item Stock Number: P7469238513 Certificate Number: GIA 2377114871

Unveiling Distinctive Features:

  • Shape: The pear shape, with its gracefully tapered point and rounded end, offers a harmonious fusion of brilliance and sophistication.
  • Carat Weight: At 0.63 carats, this diamond carries a delicate allure that resonates with subtlety and refinement.
  • Color: The enchanting Fancy Purplish Pink hue is a rare and sought-after gemological marvel, radiating a soft and captivating blend of colors that mesmerizes the eye.
  • Clarity: Graded SI2, the diamond showcases its natural beauty while maintaining a high standard of clarity.
  • Treatment: With no treatments applied, this diamond is a genuine masterpiece, celebrating its organic magnificence.
  • Cut Grade: A Very Good (VG) cut grade ensures that this diamond embodies exceptional brilliance and fire, artfully crafted to maximize its inherent luminance.
  • Polish and Symmetry: Graded VG for both polish and symmetry, this diamond reflects the dedication to precision in its creation, resulting in a flawless surface and balanced proportions.

Experience Beyond Ordinary: Every facet of this diamond exudes a harmonious blend of artistry and nature’s awe-inspiring beauty. Whether it graces an elegant piece of jewelry or stands as a remarkable investment, this Fancy Purplish Pink Pear-Shaped Diamond is poised to be a cherished heirloom that transcends time.

Certificate of Authenticity: Accompanied by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificate number 2377114871, this diamond’s provenance and specifications are impeccably documented, providing assurance of its genuine rarity and quality.

Elevate your collection with a diamond that is more than a gem; it is a work of art, a conversation starter, and a symbol of individuality. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a truly extraordinary piece of the natural world’s wonders.


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Pink Diamond 0.63ct Natural Loose Fancy Purple Pink Color Diamond GIA Pear

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